Important for you.
Important for your kidneys.

Maintaining your kidney health requires a specific nutritional routine. The average daily dietary supplement doesn’t provide what you need to fully support your kidneys.

That’s where ProRenal+D comes in.

It may be beneficial to consider a daily multivitamin as part of your kidney disease nutrition plan. Talk to your healthcare provider about your specific dietary needs. National Kidney Foundation is not affiliated with and is not involved with the manufacture of ProRenal® plus D products.

Be kind to your kidneys.

Our medical advisory board developed a formula based on the latest scientific evidence to keep your kidneys healthy. ProRenal+D is free from common ingredients like phosphorus and potassium which may be dangerous for kidney patients.

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“Kidney patients are highly prone to develop micronutrient deficiencies;

and in those patients, a kidney supplement can be very helpful. Knowing what my patients are taking, and the specific ingredients and doses, is important to me in crafting an overall health plan to support their optimal nutritional health.”

Robert Provenzano, MD
CEO St. Clair Specialty Physicians

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Dr. David Kracker

ProRenal Clinical Advisory Board

As part of a balanced nutritional program for people with chronic kidney disease, a properly formulated multivitamin may play an important role in their health and wellbeing. Having spent more than 15 years treating and addressing the unique nutritional challenges faced by people with kidney disease, Dr. David Kracker joined the ProRenal clinical advisory board to help formulate a product that addresses their needs.

Dr. David Kracker

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Nephroceuticals is partner to well-renowned medical and healthcare insitutions around the country. We are proud of their support and trust in our product, and of our affiliation with each of them.


ProRenal+D & ProRenal+D with Omega-3 fish oil

Formulated with nutrients in optimal balance for Kidney Patients.

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